WHY WE EXIST - To provide holistic, personalized and relevant education that broadens the educational experiences of each student.

Our leadership development programs are grounded in real -life experiences. These are action learning programs with experiential activities aimed at solving real-life problems with immediate relevance to the students and organizations...

Graduates Program

This program is designed to fast track high potential graduates into the world of business by equipping them with 21st century readiness, skills and competencies.
Unless the right people are occupying the right positions at the right time with the right skills, competencies and attitude then organizations will not survive this Age of Instability and dramatic change.

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Non – Graduates Program

This program is designed for students in possession of Grade 12 Certificate with sound work experience. The program learning outcomes are similar to the Graduate Program

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Future Leaders

This program is geared towards the development of the next generation of effective leaders.
It is an Accelerated Leadership Program that engages and develops talent from different industries and mentors them to become industry leaders.
The program is designed to raise change agents who will develop new perspectives, inspire confidence, lead in global economies and guide South Africa into new heights.

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